Who’s Who

IMG_0002_lr Mr Whitehead Daka is the mathematics tutor and acting principal at the Christoph Meyer Maths and Science Centre. Mr Daka holds a Bachelor of Education Degree in Mathematics. His enthusiasm and passion for the subject inspires him to support the students in furthering their mathematical knowledge and understanding.
IMG_0001_LR Ms Dorothy Mugashu is a full-time tutor specialising in teaching the sciences. Originally from Zimbabwe, Ms Mugashu began working at the centre after moving from a full-time post at Zenzeleni High School. Her particular interest is in using practical teaching techniques to further her students understanding of scientific concepts.
IMG_0004_lr Mr James Adams is a volunteer from the United Kingdom, and is currently taking a gap year between school and studying medicine at the University of Bristol. Mr Adams has a particular interest in Biology and Chemistry and is tutoring the students in English and Communication Skills, Life Sciences and Physical Sciences.
IMG_0005_lr Mr Ise Vermeire is our technical coordinator who helps us to develop our web-based communications. Originally from the Netherlands, Mr Vermeire studied Informatics in Eindhoven. Would you like to volunteer at Christoph Meyer Maths & Science Centre, click here.