Our Teaching

What do we teach?

At present we offer the following subject at matriculation level:

  • Mathematics
  • Mathematical Literacy
  • Physical Science
  • Life Science
  • Agricultural Science

We also offer support with English Language, however we do not currently prepare students to sit the English (First Additional Language) examinations.


How do we teach?

At Christoph Meyer we teach through formal tutorials, practical experimentation and exhibition of scientific concepts, supporting students as they prepare to retake their examinations in the November of each academic year. We have recently received a donation of a science experimentation kit to facilitate our Physical and Life Sciences classes.

What material do we use to teach?

As our students are repeating grade 12 of high school, all of our teaching is based upon the curriculum provided by the Department of Basic Education Education, Republic of South Africa. The Curriculum and Policy Statement (CAPS) documents for each subject guide our teaching content, ensuring that we prepare our students as thoroughly and accurately as possible for their examinations.

You can view the CAPS documents for Mathematics, Mathematical Literacy, Physical Science, Life Science, Agricultural Science and English (First Additional Language) by following the links below:

CAPS – Mathematics

CAPS – Mathematical Literacy

CAPS – Physical Science

CAPS – Life Science

CAPS – Agricultural Science

CAPS – English (First Additional Language)