Our Mission

To provide a resource for people of all ages to explore the mystery of science through tutorials, experimentation and practical exhibitions. Our purpose is to support people to reach their academic potential and to obtain employment as a result of their understanding of the sciences, mathematics and technology.
Aims We aim to:

  • Enable school learners around Mseleni and beyond to actively participate in science and technology tutorials and experimentation, where fun is given a priority.
  • Offer a tutorial centre that stimulates and develops minds, and exposes learners to positive experiences in the sciences, mathematics and technology.
  • Train teachers and empower them with the skills to teach the curriculum in an interactive and engaging way.
  • Provide a central resource base for schools, teachers, learners and the public in general and learner-assisted programmes.
  • Offer tutorials to learners who have  previously failed matriculation, to help them towards a pass and to upgrade their marks for admission to universities and other higher institutes of learning.
  • Provide individual tutoring assistance to those who need extra or more intensive support in their pursuit of fulfilling their academic potential.